Damien Faughnan, ranked among the Top 100 Global Executive Coaches, has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and c-suite executives for over ten years. Almost 70% of his practice is with new CEOs and CEO candidates. He is focused on helping his clients acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. By sharing best practices and lessons learned through his work with others, he assists clients in short-circuiting the painful “trial and error” pathway to learning.

Damien is described by his clients as both a strategic thinker and a mentor who has a unique ability to rapidly understand and simplify complex issues. Damien credits his many successful coaching outcomes to his ability to create a trusting and confidential long-term relationship with his clients. He listens, challenges assumptions, and acts as a thought partner to expose new perspectives. He advises on challenges confronting new CEOs, including developing a winning strategy, building a top team, and managing the board / investor community. Damien thereby makes the CEO job sustainable.

Damien was born, raised, and educated in Ireland. He spent seven of his formative years in a monastery and his first career was in teaching. He has lived in the United States for twenty-five years and, in his earlier business career, he rose to multiple brokerage and technology leadership roles at Charles Schwab.

Damien holds master’s degrees in instructional technology (San Francisco State University) and equality studies (University College, Dublin). He received his coach training at the Hudson Institute, Santa Barbara and the Strozzi Institute, Petaluma.

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