Client Testimonials

Below are some client comments received over the years

General Manager

I’ve found executive coaching to be very empowering and transformative at different times in my career. Shout out to my coach Damien Faughnan.


Damien is an exceptional Executive Coach, possessing a unique skill set and diversity of experience. He couples this strong, foundational capability with complete commitment to his client’s success. He has an uncanny ability to truly understand an individual’s coaching needs, working effectively with you to address and improve. Damien played an absolutely crucial role in preparing me for my eventual selection as our company’s next CEO. In my new CEO role, I look forward to my continued Executive Coaching relationship with Damien. I would highly recommend Damien as an Executive Coach.


Damien is an excellent Executive Coach. His ability to interpret and analyze assessment results, 360 feedback, and client behaviors and interactions with others greatly contributed contributed to not only my growth as a leader, but also my growth as a person. His insight helped me see aspects of my behavior and performance to which I had been blind. Damien is truly committed to and cares for his clients—again, both as leaders and as people. He is also committed to his craft and is always working to increase his skills. This continual self-improvement enriches his coaching. Damien is very engaging and it was a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Damien as an Executive Coach.

President & CEO Candidate

Damien is an outstanding Executive Coach. He has a broad diversity of experience which he integrated into our coaching work together. He’s also very intelligent and well-read , enabling him to offer many new perspectives to my thinking. His coaching was very relevant and practical for me and he helped me to find clarity during a significant period of change as I transitioned into the President role. I would highly recommend Damien as an Executive Coach.


Damien has been a very thoughtful advisor with specific, actionable recommendations that are very relevant to my ongoing development. His candid and direct feedback was contextual to my circumstances and not “generic” in nature at all. In addition to the professional advice directly related to the engagement, he has also been a valuable personal confidant and advisor on many of the overall issues associated with the ever-evolving nature of CEO-Board relations.

I have tremendously valued our teamwork and partnership on this and I highly recommend Damien to any CEO who considers working with him.

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