Now – November 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving.

When I arrived in the US 25 years ago, I had no clue about Thanksgiving. Yes, I’d read about it in books and saw the holiday celebrated in movies, but I really had no idea how special the holiday could possibly be. I clearly remember my first Thanksgiving dinner: candied yams and pistachio fluff being the most un-Irish (and marginally edible) things I had ever encountered. Many years later, I have come to love this holiday because it’s so non-commercial (except for the crazy store opening hours on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday – I don’t participate in such shopping madness).

This is, however, a time of the year when I begin to take stock and spend time reflecting on what and who I am grateful for.

A book and a website. 

I will shortly have a brand new website to share – I’m grateful to have the support and skills of a great digital agency who are building a super-snazzy site.

I continue to work on my book for new CEOs. Some days it’s a labor of love and other days, it’s a project I want to ignore. I’m grateful for my “book coach” who continues to push me to produce.

Last update: November 10, 2018.