Accelerate Your Success

Whether you are a CEO candidate, first-time CEO, or seasoned CEO, Damien can help you measure and improve your performance. Damien has a proven process that blends leadership insight, psychology, and CEO best practices. His clients most value his experience and direct, friendly, style. CEO’s report that he is their most trusted confidante. His approach drives value-creation.  

Damien Faughnan

Since 2004, Damien Faughnan has worked with over 75 CEOs to help them unlock their potential and navigate the predictable challenges of the top job.

Today’s CEOs face a growing set of complex challenges unlike those experienced in prior roles. As a trusted confidant, Damien engages with CEOS in critical conversations about a broad range of issues.

Unlike other advisors, Damien has no agenda beyond his client’s success as a leader. He has supported CEOs in navigating the many obstacles they face today and offers an unbiased sounding board for thinking through options and possibilities.

Clients report that Damien provides invaluable support as a strategic thinker and mentor. He listens intently, challenges assumptions, and acts as an objective thought partner to expose and discover new perspectives for each CEO with whom he works.

Damien’s ability to rapidly understand and simplify complex issues stems from his unique background.

Born and raised in Ireland, he spent seven years in a monastery, rose to leadership roles at Charles Schwab, then completed formal executive coach training at the Hudson Institute and the Strozzi Institute. His diverse experience has shaped his strong moral character and personalized approach to coaching.

No matter the company size or stage, Damien serves as a dedicated advisor who provides invaluable guidance and the essential feedback CEOs need to succeed.

Damien Faughnan

“Damien played a crucial role in preparing me for selection as our company’s next CEO. He couples a strong, foundational capability with complete commitment to his clients’ success. He has an uncanny ability to truly understand an individual’s coaching needs, working effectively with you to improve.”

Mike, CEO, Fortune 500 Company