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Damien Faughnan | CEO Advisor & C-Suite Coach to Fortune 500s

About Damien

Damien works with CEOs and c-suite executives who want to accelerate their success and demonstrate high performance.

Almost 80% of his practice is with new CEOs and CEO candidates.

Damien is focused on helping his clients acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed while they minimize learning by trial and error.

He is one of the top global executive coaches and is a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council.

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About Damien Faughnan


Damien works with leaders who are committed to high performance.  
No two coaching engagements are the same. Coaching with Damien involves tailoring the coaching engagement to accelerate performance, based on the specific requirements of the role.

Damien’s approach is to mix leadership coaching with practical advice—an approach where clients benefit from his extensive experience of coaching a wide variety of CEOs and c-suite executives. The focus of every engagement is always on the client’s goals and desired outcomes.

Clients describe working with Damien as challenging, effective, inspirational, revealing and, sometimes, life-changing.

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Damien Faughnan Approach

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