Executive Coaching Services

Damien coaches, mentors, and advises executives at various stages of the CEO lifecycle. Using a variety of tools and approaches, he ensures that his clients have the feedback and input they need to succeed.

New & Aspiring CEOs

  • Create a compelling vision and gain buy-in
  • Build credibility and followership
  • Enhance strengths and address areas for improvement
  • Build and develop a high-performing team
  • Drive culture change
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders: employees, investors, the board, customers, industry, and community

Established CEOs

  • Solve existing challenges and get ahead of potential issues
  • Determine how to drive organic and inorganic growth
  • Build a durable, personal brand
  • Secure necessary feedback

Exiting CEOs

  • Manage the succession process
  • Navigate transition challenges and opportunities
  • Develop a legacy
  • Build a post-CEO personal brand
  • Create a post full-time work/life

Damien’s Approach

Damien’s work has taught him that, while there are predictable challenges to being the CEO, there is no single way to be a successful CEO. He personalizes his approach for each client’s unique situation by combining deep expertise in executive coaching, firsthand insight from his own executive roles, and rare knowledge gained through diverse life experiences. While each person’s needs are different, Damien consistently brings a practical, empathetic, and thoughtfully direct perspective to every engagement.

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Damien Faughnan

“Damien single-handedly changed the course of my career. He ran a thoughtful process heavily influenced by my colleagues’ input; gave me the hardest feedback of my life; and provided tools, techniques and frameworks to address the challenges I faced every day. Through his coaching, I scaled to lead hundreds of people and eventually became CEO of another fast-growing company, where I brought Damien in again to help me navigate a whole new set of challenges.”

Sam, CEO, Pre-Public Retail Business