Meet Damien Faughnan

Damien is…

Ranked as a top CEO coach

Damien has helped over 80 CEOs from mid-size firms to Fortune 100 companies assess where they stand in their journey and determine what skills and knowledge are necessary to succeed. Since 2004, he has applied his proprietary “CEO Success” framework and unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and advising to guide leaders to higher performance and success. He has been ranked in the top 100 Global Coaches.

A trusted confidante

It’s a cliché, but true, that “it’s lonely at the top.” Damien is often that one person a CEO can speak to about confidential and challenging matters. He creates space where CEOs can discuss the most critical issues. He guides and supports CEOs to view all aspects of an issue before choosing a course of action. His clients report that he helps them create plans for success rather than learning by trial and error.

Purpose driven

Damien has always sought to live a purpose-filled life. From his early days as a monk to his corporate career, he has prioritized the development of others. Today he is dedicated to enriching the lives of CEOs by drawing on a wealth of unique experience gained from coaching CEOs in many industries, as well as his commitment to his own professional development. It’s no surprise that he believes purpose-driven CEOs can accomplish great things.

The product of diverse life experiences

Damien was born, raised, and educated in Ireland. He spent seven of his formative years in a monastery, and his first career was in teaching. He has lived in the United States for 25 years, and in his earlier business career, he rose to multiple brokerage and technology leadership roles at Charles Schwab.

Active in the community

Damien has served on two non-profit boards and actively supports causes including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix, animal welfare, and civil rights.

Educated and certified

Damien holds master’s degrees in instructional technology (San Francisco State University) and equality studies (University College Dublin). He received his coach training at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara and the Strozzi Institute in Petaluma.
Damien Faughnan

“Damien single-handedly changed the course of my career. He ran a thoughtful process heavily influenced by my colleagues’ input; gave me the hardest feedback of my life; and provided tools, techniques and frameworks to address the challenges I faced every day. Through his coaching, I scaled to lead hundreds of people and eventually became CEO of another fast-growing company, where I brought Damien in again to help me navigate a whole new set of challenges.”

Sam, CEO, Pre-Public Retail Business